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25th Dec 2010

A Christmas Update Update

I was distracted by grading and am now trying to finish off papers and working with the lofty goal of being done with applications before the start of the new semester. Thus, updating the comic is on the back burner until approx. the second week of January at which point I'll have a few weeks to fall behind on readings (kidding! As if I would do that...) by doodling before the inevitable "Sh...are we half-way through the semester already?" moment.

In the meantime, enjoy a guest comic from Kelly Szpara who was showing off her new stylus to me yesterday while foaming at the mouth about getting herself an iPad.

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28th Nov 2010

Finally, a new character!

Who's the woman at the desk? Why, that's Portia O'Sire. To see the differences between her working space and my own, check out the x-posted link.

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14th Nov 2010

Where's the next page?

Rather than a new page today, here's some cover art.

31st Oct 2010

A Bit Familiar?

Some Aussies may recognise that this view of Orbis City is based off the view you get of Perth from King's Park.

There's also something else from the previous panel that may strike some readers as familiar, which you'll find out next week.

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25th Oct 2010

A day late

Yes, the comic was a day late.

I've been falling behind so my safety of net of comics is gone and I'm now working week by week, but still intend to update every Sunday, but sometimes that might mean I'll be a day or two late. However, there'll still be a comic every week unless I really get behind.

Just to give you a sense of what else is taking up my time this semester, I'm taking:
- PHL2132: Ethical Naturalism after Wittgenstein
- PHL2009: Aristotelian Ethics, the first half-millenium
- LIN1000: Intro to Linguistics

And I'm auditing PHL2190 (Reference and Communication) as well as TAing and working on grad school applications.

I like to keep busy.

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2nd Oct 2010

It's not quite Sunday, but, PhilosφNinja is a Go!

Welcome to the new web series PhilosφNinja. This project started out as the smallest nugget of an idea in January 2010 due to this comic. Then it began to ferment, mutate, and grow a life of it's own until I was forced to put everything else on the backburner this summer and figure it out. The result of this should unfold before your eyes on a weekly basis that I hope to stick to.

I currently have a backlog/safety-net of 3 comics and I hope to keep it that way i.e. always working at least a month ahead so I won't fall behind. But, at the same time I am a grad student and a 22 year old in the city so there is always the possibility that I may fall behind and require extensions ;)

I hope you all enjoy PhilosφNinja, I certainly enjoy working on it!

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